What is Intershop?

Intershop Commerce is a solid high-performance digital commerce platform. It’s designed especially for mid to large-sized manufacturers, wholesalers, and organizations with complex processes and a need for a high-performance SaaS commerce solution. 

It is a leading B2B ecommerce platform, offering the flexibility to adapt any sales process, customer need, market opportunity, or business model. Set up multiple storefronts, provide personalized customer portals, and reach global markets from a single comprehensive system. With a low total cost of ownership and a measurable return on investment.

Intershop is suitable for complex e-business activities. Do you have multiple target groups, brands, and products? Then Intershop is the ideal platform for your company.

Some features of Intershop


Decouple the technology to create rich user experiences in the front-end with the most powerful commerce engine in the back end.

Open API architecture

Connect every corner of the digital commerce landscape with 500+ APIs. Fully integrate back-office processes for the entire organization, plus partners and suppliers.

Fully customizable

Companies with complex processes, company-specific characteristics, and a large IT landscape require a fully customizable digital commerce platform.

Out of the box B2B features

Digital B2B self-service options let buyers easily track orders, download invoices, place recurring orders using quick order, order templates, find spare parts, check machine health, and many more. Self-service streamlines customer support boosts customer satisfaction and drives revenue.

Omni-channel strategy

Offer indirect customers a consistent experience across every sales channel with an end-to-end storefront. Integrate dealers, distributors, and resellers into direct-to-consumer sales processes.

Unsurpassed CX

Customer loyalty is all about building relationships. Give B2B buyers the best possible experience with personalized customer portals, streamlined quotes & approvals, targeted promotions, and advanced order management functionality.

Let's change the buying experience with Neortus

With more than 20 years of experience in Intershop technology, we possess a highly skilled team with expertise in architecture design and implementation. We have successfully executed numerous projects involving complex B2B, B2C, and D2C digital commerce platforms for renowned global brands using Intershop. Furthermore, our extensive experience extends to platform upgrades and re-platforming Intershop from other technology platforms.

Our approach values suit mid-sized companies well, as we prioritize pragmatism and cultural compatibility. We take pride in offering our proprietary Intershop starter kit, significantly reducing implementation efforts and time to market. With a specialization in B2B, we also provide our proprietary solution kits for complex scenarios such as approval workflows, organizational hierarchies, and punch-outs.

Migrate to Intershop

Tried and tested functionality and a full-featured PWA-based blueprint store help you prepare for a fast take-off and provide the foundation you need to get growing! Scale up to handle massive order volumes, start personalizing your sales approach, or use a buy-and-build strategy to extend your capabilities – using one secure, reliable, high-performance platform.
Neortus will help you in migrating successfully from your existing platform to Intershop. If you would like to schedule demo and understand our capability of implementing and migrating to Intershop feel free to contact us.