Digital Shelf

Make your customers fall in love with your product

Beat the endless aisle

Get to the front of the digital shelf with an endless amount of products and convert by helping your shoppers make a purchasing decision with engaging content.

PIM/PXM selection and implementation

We can help you select the right tool, implement it, integrate it with your existing ecosystem, and train your team to work with it independently.

Feed management & syndication

Quality product information in a PIM or PXM-system is one, showing it to the customer is next! Many channels have different content requirement. We make sure your customers benefit from your up-to-date content, wherever they shop.

What are your digital shelf challenges?

We love to exchange ideas and share our experiences to resolve your challenges of your digital commerce journey. 

Why managing the digital shelf?

No digital shelf management = no sales​

Digital commerce is all about match-making customers and products. But how do a product and a customer fall in love? First, they need to find each other. When a customer searches, a product needs to be on top of the results. Then, the product needs to catch the customer’s attention. At last, the product needs to convince the customer it perfectly suits the needs. So, to make the match happen, you need to be listed, findable and convincable. Optimizing your digital shelf management is a no-brainer.

Effectivity or efficiency?​

Excellent product management obviously makes you sell more. And, surprise surprise, it serves efficiency too! With the right governance, processes and technology people across the organization collaborate better. They produce better quality content and they produce faster, saving FTE’s. Quality content cuts marketing spend as your products are better findable. And as you inform your customers better you reduce workload on customer service and bring down returns too. So, the knife cuts many ways.

Operational support

Outsource your digital shelf operational tasks or extend your team with our digital shelf experts that boost your online presence.

Product content production

Obivously quality product content is THE way to organically increase your products' findability and turn visitors into customers. We can be your production team.

Retail media management

When everything is set and done, you could boost match-making with retail media. With advertising (e.g. on Amazon) we make your products stand out, and increase brand awareness and/or conversion depending on your business goals.