What is CloudSuite?

CloudSuite is developed to establish a scalable platform targeting wholesalers and brand manufacturers, to cater their (inter)national and multistore front digital commerce requirements, eliminating the constraints posed by legacy systems. The foundation of CloudSuite is a cohesive of a dedicated team that values a personalized approach in their interactions. Many Dutch brand manufacturers and wholesalers in different markets are already successfully using CloudSuite’s digital commerce platform.

Some features of CloudSuite

New features every month

Continuous innovation is a primary motto for CloudSuite. Every month an automatic release takes place across all environments. With CloudSuite, complex upgrades and migrations are things of the past.

Headless commerce

From design to features, customer requirements are continuously changing. CloudSuite provides out of the box frontend management solution, for companies that want full control over the design can opt for headless digital commerce.

Out of the box B2B and B2C

CloudSuite offers standard rich functionalities to optimize the digital shopping experience for both B2B and B2C business models.

Omnichannel strategy

With CloudSuite you can open multiple shops and channels for your target groups within a single environment. Think of a B2B-shop or a special webshop for brands or resellers.

API-driven commerce

The APIs enable you to implement your webshop headlessly. Secondly, due to the API-first approach, the platform can easily integrate with third-party software.

Product and delivery options

Businesses can configure different delivery options for each webshop. Think of pickup, delivery, or dropshipping. You can also display the delivery dates in the webshop at customer level. CloudSuite automates the entire order flow.

Let's change the buying experience with Neortus

With more than of 20 years of experience with digital commerce implementations we are best choice.

As implementation partner of CloudSuite, we are included in the development of the feature roadmap, enabling us to stand up for our clients.

Integrate your existing IT landscape with CloudSuite

Thanks to the API, you can seamlessly link CloudSuite with existing ERP system and the data it contains. This way, the customer always has access to important data from the ERP system, such as prices and inventory information. Synchronize products, inventory, orders, customer information, and financial data from and to CloudSuite and other systems. CloudSuite is a SaaS-solution that guarantees 99.7% uptime and 24/7 monitoring is applied to all CloudSuite environments.

Neortus helps you in migrating successfully form your existing platform to CloudSuite, or set up an implementation from scratch.

If you would like to schedule a demo to understand our capability of implementing and migrating to CloudSuite contact us now.