What is Salsify?

Salsify is a unified Product Experience Management (PXM) platform architected for the digital shelf.

You have to tell a compelling brand story at all the various digital touch points in a shopper’s journey. This will require a new level of insight and data segmentation on your consumers, as well as the means to reach them at the right time. Every successful experience you orchestrate helps maintain your advantage.

A PXM solution is how your brand can repeatedly win by delivering the right content when and where consumers need it to drive conversions and build trust.

Some features of Salsify

Centralize product data

Product experiences require more than just content and assets. Salsify enables you to centrally manage all of the product experience management (PXM) building blocks in one place, including below-the-fold content, Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) data, order information, and more.

Built for every channel

Commerce is never one-size-fits-all. Each channel requires its own unique set of content. Manage different versions of content in just one platform with the only PXM solution that enables you to do so, and rest assured that you’re creating the right product experience for the right place.

Publish with confidence

Close the loop on your PXM and content syndication by ensuring what you publish is what actually shows for consumers with Activation Insights. Salsify is the only PXM solution with direct retailer syndication partnerships, so requirements are updated in real-time, content is published directly to source systems, and issues can be escalated and resolved quickly.

Automate manual processes

Leverage a robust set of automation tools like external event triggers, Salsibots, dynamic task assignment, and formula-driven data transformation to free up time and improve operational efficiency.

Collaborate more effectively

Centralize your product experience management and all of the work required to produce high-quality content with Salsify’s native collaboration tools like tasks, visual revision tracking, and in-line comments.

Integrate seamlessly

Connect to the rest of your tech stack with out-of-the-box connectors, webhooks, and a robust API framework, so data and automation can flow seamlessly throughout your systems.

Let's change the product experience with Salsify

With tens of Salsify implementations for brands and retailers of local and global size we are the best choice.

As implementation partner of Salsify, we are included in the development of the feature roadmap, enabling us to stand up for our clients.

Let’s change the product experience with Salsify and start winning the digital shelf!

Win the digital shelf with Salsify

Salsify’s unified PXM platform brings together the abilities to centralize, connect, and automate product content to help you improve efficiency, drive growth, and become a digital shelf leader in your category.

The PXM Network is the industry’s only unified, continuously adaptive product content syndication network, consisting of brands and retailers of all sizes, regions, and verticals. The PXM Network automates collaboration and breaks down silos to deliver product experiences that win on the digital shelf.

Salsify’s unified Supplier Experience Management (SXM) platform automates the complexity of onboarding and validating product content from your suppliers so you can improve efficiency, drive growth, and ultimately achieve omnichannel leadership in your category.

If you would like to schedule a demo to understand our capability of implementing and migrating to Salsify contact us now.